Get the private coaching you need to quickly and easily write your book and become an authority in your niche.

Are you a coach, creative entrepreneur or healer who wants to write a book that will improve the lives of others? Maybe you’ve started writing but suddenly experienced writer’s block or resistance to doing the work. It’s not uncommon for aspiring writers or even experienced writers to feel doubt or struggle with the process of writing a book. On top of that you will have to decide whether to self-publish or approach a traditional publisher.

It can be overwhelming, but an experienced writing coach will be able to guide you through each step so that you are able to complete your book and get it into the hands of people who need it the most. Carey Avalon is a published author who has helped several people, just like you, through this process with success.

A Book Writing Coach Can Help You


  • Establish the focus and scope of your project, from establishing your point of view to delivering a finished book
  • Create a plan for success with a timeline for measuring progress
  • Be accountable and take consistent action toward your goals
  • By providing support through obstacles and periods of doubt
  • By giving feedback on your writing
  • Navigate publishing options and write book proposals
  • Map out promotional strategies for your book
  • Build and expand your author platform

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