I find that most creatives experience the blessing and curse that is having too many ideas. As creatives we are literally wired to receive stimulus from multiple sources and toss them around in our brain until they find an outlet for meaningful expression in the physical world, like a book or a painting or a killer app.

But what do you do when you have all those ideas rolling around and you want to follow each and every one of them, like now? Unfortunately what many of us do is nothing. We don’t take action on any one of the ideas, because we get addicted to the idea of coming up with ideas! How many people do you know who have said, “I’m an idea person. I wish I could create a business just coming up with ideas for other people.”

You have to find a way to implement one idea and turn that into your next book. And I have to tell you straight out, not all your ideas are going to be great ones, even though you think they might be. Sorry. Bit it’s okay. Here is a process you can use to flush out the one great idea for your next book.

How to turn your many ideas into the ONE which will become your book

Let your intuition be the guide. Your intuition gave you all these great ideas. How about you let it help you sort out the best one for your book right now? You can do this in 10 minutes with a practice called free writing. Find a quiet space. Set a timer and start writing. Keep writing non-stop for an entire 10 minutes, even if you write “blah, blah, blah, I’m so frustrated”. Don’t judge any thoughts or words that come up. Eventually, the subconscious mind will come forward and reveal something specific to you. Trust that you have the answer you are looking for.

Get the ideas out of your head. It takes a lot of mental energy to juggle all those ideas in your head. Your brain doesn’t want you to forget them and so it gives them all equal space up there. That’s space and mental energy you could be using to actually write your book! Start writing those ideas down as they come to you. I like to use an index card system, but you could start a Word file of Google Doc or spreadsheet to keep track of the ideas for you. Sometimes the mere act of writing an idea down makes you realize it wasn’t such a hot idea after all and you can discard it. Keep any ideas you still resonate with to use in the following steps.

Survey your audience. Who would be an ideal reader for each of your book ideas? Find those people and ask them first what they are most interested in reading/learning about and second ask them if your idea resonates. You can learn more about this method by reading the book Ask by Ryan Levesque.

Hire a coach. Great athletes, musicians, business owners, and writers have a coach. I have a coach and my coach has a coach. The fact is that you can get to where you want to go much much faster by working with someone who can guide you through the process. You think your ideas are great. They might not be. You might have one great book idea that you have totally overlooked. A coach can see what you don’t see and help you course correct so you write the right book at the right time and actually get it done (so you can write the NEXT book!). Interested in learning more about what it’s like to work with a coach? Book a free Clarity Consultation with me.

Visualize the outcome. It’s great to want to write a book. 80% of the population wants to do this. But so few of those people follow through because they just haven’t put the energy in to visualize what that might look like. So give yourself some time, just a minute or two each day to close your eyes and “see” yourself with a finished book in your hand. Imagine yourself walking through a book store where a stack of your books sit on a table right next to the check out. Practice looking at the front of your book to read the title. What does it say? Let your perfect book title reveal itself to you.

It’s great to have lots of ideas. It’s addicting. What’s even greater is having just one of your ideas published and out there in the world helping people improve their lives. Get yourself focused and trust that you can write all of your books, one book at a time.


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