What does it mean to be a better writer? Well it depends on who you ask.

For some people selling more books is an indication of a better writer. Other people would argue that knowledge and proper use of grammar, structure, and style/expression makes one a better writer. And yet others believe that better writers are the ones who are able to make a deep emotional connection with their readers.

These are all the effects of being a better writer and certainly as an aspiring author you want to achieve all this and more. So how to you get there?

First and foremost you would benefit from taking a writing class. You probably know that, right? Yes it’s true and it’s no secret. Writers who can effectively communicate their ideas in logical and emotional ways will naturally be better writers. Study other great writers and learn from them. Read. Read. Read. Oh, and develop a daily writing practice. You already know that too, right?

Better writers are masters. If you truly want to improve your own writing and produce more of it then you will need to be a master. You must open the channel to your inner soul and your creativity so it can flow through you.

Better writing is the result of you getting into the zone. The zone is your genius, where your strengths live. It is the place inside you that has no fear and no limitations. When you are in the zone you can write hundreds of words (that are meaningful and relatable) in a short amount of time.

The Secret to Better Writing is Within You

The secret to better writing is knowing your strengths, owning them and letting them loose every time you write.

Do you know what your strengths are? There are many ways to go about finding your strengths. One of the most popular exercises is to ask your friends and family what you are best at, the point being you’re too close to your own self to see your true value.

You might have heard that your strength or genius is the thing that you can do so easily you take for granted. True. But again you may be too close to even see that.

The best tool I’ve found to discover my own strengths has been the book Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath. In fact, I believe in it so much that all of my private clients get a copy of the book and must complete it before we do any work together.

Your strengths really are that important and they are the secret to you getting in the zone and becoming a better writer.

Let me give you an example. My own number one strength is something called Maximizer. That means I’m ridiculously awesome at taking something good and making it great. My strength helps me see the potential in other writers and be able to give them suggestions for improvement.

So how can I use the Maximizer skill to be a better writer? Well, for one thing I leave the innovation of ideas to others. Instead I focus on taking a known idea and putting my spin on it. I trust that my perspective is unique and I trust that I can take these already established ideas even further or down a different path than they have been before.

Most of my other top five strengths involve relating and connecting to people and ideas. When I write from this space of finding a common theme and helping people use it to improve (maximize) their lives – Boom! That’s when I get into the zone and become the better writer that has been inside me all along.

It doesn’t matter what your strengths are. If you learn to approach your writing as a way to utilize your genius, and practice it often, most certainly you will approach mastery. There is a better writer inside of you, waiting to appear.



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