Many creatives I know often say that they didn’t choose the creative path in life – it chose them.

When I was just six or seven I knew I was on the creative path. I felt compelled every moment of every day to draw or sing or dance. It’s all I wanted to do and so I did.

There have been times in my life, like in my childhood, when I allowed this path to engulf me – mind, body, and soul. Yet other times I’ve felt like the creative path has left me. Honestly I have to admit I was the one who abandoned it, not the other way around.

But I still wanted it. I wanted to paint, to write, to sing, to dance. I said I was an artist, but I knew deep down I wasn’t because I wasn’t choosing it. I wasn’t choosing MYSELF.

How do you know when you’ve abandoned your creative path and your dreams? Your actions tell you. When you want to be a writer but don’t sit down in the writer’s chair, you abandon yourself. When you want to be a documentary filmmaker but you never go outside to meet and film people, you abandon yourself.

There are many reasons we do this to ourselves. I’ll save that for another post. But I believe as creatives it is our duty to wake up each day and choose this path. If we don’t, then life will take over. You know what I mean. The bills, the house, the kids, the pets all come seeking your attention. It might make logical sense that if you take care of all these things you will then have time to choose yourself and your creative path, but it doesn’t work that way. Whatever you feed grows so if you’re feeding everyone else’s needs they will continue to grow. And your creative path will become harder and harder to recognize.

marry your goals
remain committed to success
be loyal to your dreams
it’s okay to choose yourself – r.h.Sin

Make every day a defining moment

Do you really want the creative path? Do you really want to write a book? Then you must define this moment as the moment you choose yourself and your dreams.

How do you know if you’re ready? I’ll give you two simple questions to ask yourself.

1. This first question I learned from Marie Forleo a number of years ago. She helps multipassionate entrepreneurs to choose and follow a path. Marie says to ask yourself this: Will I regret it in ten years if I don’t __________? So will you regret not writing a book ten years from now? If the answer is yes, then we need to talk!

2. The second question centers around where you are focusing your attention. Ask: What can I let go of today that will create more space for me to follow my dream? You might need to let go of an old attitude or outside commitments. Once thing is for sure, you’re going to have to set some boundaries around who and what you let in to your world so that you have space for you.

Will you say yes to the path that calls to you? It won’t be easy because the logical, sensible world out there will try to steer you back onto the path of the status quo. That’s why you must continue reading blogs and books that encourage your creativity and you must find a creative tribe who will support you as you choose this path day after day.

It’s okay to choose yourself. In fact, the world would be a better place if everyone did. Will you say yes today?

I help creatives choose and stay on the path. If you know you want this and would like some support, schedule a Clarity Consultation with me today.

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